My Review Of Final Cut- The Anthropologie Outlet

My Review Of Final Cut- The Anthropologie Outlet

You read that right! Anthropologie has an outlet and it’s in Georgia. There is also one in Pennsylvania as well. I decided to head to the Augusta location which is a little over 2 hours away and is right outside of the South Carolina state line.

I read a ton of reviews and was extremely excited to go that I was having dreams about this place. I am a huge fan on Anthropologie, but only the clearance section. I don’t think I have ever bought anything from there that was full price. The store is totally my style– the boho-chic wanderer style. This is why I was so excited to take the drive.

When you arrive — it pretty much looks like a thrift store from the outside and maybe in the inside also. It’s boxes and boxes of clothing so you have to dig deep to find the treasures. I came prepared in leggings and a tank top so I could easily try on clothing. There are dressing rooms but it is a little difficult in there with the size of the rooms but there’s definitely space.

You may be other one when you first walk in. Check out this glimpse.

Lets get to the pricing

$20 dresses

$25 coats

$5 tops

$15 shorts

$20 jeans

Shoes vary

This is great because when you look at the pricing for items at Anthropologie (they also have Urban Outfitters as well since they are the same company) you are getting a huge bargain.

I got 16 items for $213. I literally googled until I found most items and I saved at minimum $900.

This was my favorite purchase. This jacket is so cool – part denim part embroidery. I couldn’t find it online but this was a sample and had many markups on it but they were on pieces of tape.

My whole basket of items.

Some items will still have tags on them. Be aware that they will Cut all tags off so if you plan on reselling, you’ll have to lower your price a little even though it’s new.

Most Jeans will be a 28. I saw 32 for men. I think those are sample sizes. I had no trouble finding mediums but I would say if you are a large, you may not have a ton of luck. These are mostly samples or overstock.

$5 Sweater from Anthro. $108 at the store.

$25 for this coat. $120 at Urban Outfitters.

$40 for shoes Now I spent more than I wanted to on these. I couldn’t find the price it was on Anthro but based on this brands prices- probably $150 minimum.

This kimono was $15. $168 at Anthro.


  1. Come in comfortable clothing and make sure you eat before
  2. Don’t get overwhelmed. Be prepared to dig through boxes.
  3. Look at what other people are picking up and putting back down which will prevent you from having to dig super deep in boxes. I scored some great finds with watching other people dig through boxes and then I grab it really quickly
  4. Make sure you can spend at least four hours there. Even with four hours you can’t go through the entire store
  5. Try on everything. Some of the items are samples and you want to make sure that there are no rips, tears, or markings on them that you will not be able to repair.
  6. Watch the register to make sure they are charging correctly for each item and make sure they don’t double charge you. It’s easy to miscount because it’s not itemized — it just says $5 , $15 basically.

Have fun!!!! Oh, I didn’t even get into the furniture side but I heard they had amazing items there.

I will definitely be back.