Yummy Extensions Soft Kinks Clip Ins For The Win

Yummy Extensions Soft Kinks Clip Ins For The Win

I found some greeaatt kinky curly clip ins. My goal has always been to find curly clip ins in my color blonde so I don’t have to lighten them. After a year, I gave up. I had been eyeing Yummy Extensions Soft Kinks Clips In as I thought they would be a good match with my hair . They were on sale so I figured I would scoop them up.

I purchased two sets of clip ins. Each set has 5 clip ins. I knew I need at minimum 10 clip ins for a full look- I may even grab another set.

I lightened the clip ins with bleach and 40V developer. I also used Clairol purple shampoo to tone down the brassiness. There was virtually no shedding the entire process which I was shocked about.

This was going to be my vacation hair as I did not feel like sitting in the chair to get my hair braided. I was concerned about my leave out because I didn’t check a bag so I wasn’t bringing products. My hair is super light blonde and I didn’t want to lighten the hair anymore so I wouldn’t mess up the curl pattern.

I am so happy with this purpose and thought it blended fairly well with my hair as long as I didn’t have too much leave out. Check it out!

I even did a ponytail. I am not the best at clip in placement so I watched several videos. I actually saw one method with no leave out but it involved using a crochet needle for the top– that looked like too much work to be so I haven’t tried that yet either.