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Youtuber/Transitioner Spotlight: Ambrosia aka xGOLDn

I remember when I first saw Ambrosia’s signature style, I went straight home and did it myself. Her hairstyles are super fly and she is transitioning. Here is her transition story:

ambrosia19 weeks in transition

Ambrosia: I have been transitioning for 8 months now, my last relaxer was on September 3rd 2008. I must say it has definitely been an interesting journey. Twist-outs/knots have been my best friend through it all, I have tried many other alternatives such as braid-outs, flat twists etc., I don’t think those are for me at the moment. I have gone through some phases, I wanted to do the BC and get it all over with, my mom said it would hurt her heart if I did that (*womp*) LOL so of course I have just been holding on to it. I even got to the point where I wanted to say forget it, and throw a relaxer in it. I thought it over, and with a little advice from some twitter friends, I realized that in a way, I owe this to myself. I have been getting relaxed since I was too young to remember– I never had a chance to know what my natural hair was like. Life is about change and I am a strong believer in it. Transitioning is definitely a lot of work but it is well worth it, I have grown to appreciate my natural hair and it’s many textures. I know I will appreciate it even more once I cut the relaxed ends away

Since managing the 2 textures (relaxed/natural) haven’t been much of a hassle, I don’t have a set date on when I will do the BC. I will do the BC when my heart tells me I am ready 🙂


Hair at 7 months into transition

Check out her signature style at:  http:www/

She also makes fly crocheted beanies and headbands. You can order them from her site.