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YouTuber Spotlight: Taren916

If you frequent YouTube natural hair videos, I’m sure you have come across Taren916 with her gorgeous curly hair.


I love her hair and her cut is so fierce. I like big hair alot. It makes you stand out amongst the crowd. Check out Taren’s interview:

Lexi: How long have you been natural? (If not all your life, Why did you decide to go natural?… If all your life, why did you decide to stay natural? )

Taren: I haven’t been natural all of my life, I started my transition from relaxed to natural about 4 years ago…So when I decided to go natural, I did get inspiration from others who were natural and beautiful.. As I became older I started to grow into my own identity.. Some may confuse “inspiration” from others as just being a copycat, or trying to please others.. But I just finally saw the beauty of natural hair from the outside point of view.. It was a different perspective.. It was also cool to see people “wish” that they had “hair like that” or try to get a wig or buy hair to match wild curly hair… I was about to join this group until finally I realized… Hey! I do have “hair like that” already!! LOL… And that’s when my transitioning began..

Lexi: How would you describe your curl pattern?
Taren:I have a mixed curl pattern of 3b and 3c hair type..

Lexi: What is your daily regimen? Do you have a winter hair routine?

Taren: Well I usually co-wash my hair everyday because I always want fresh curls.. I’m still til this day trying to find the right techniques to help me preserve them.. But here’s my routine:
Step 1– Apply whatever conditioner i’m using in the shower.. And comb through with my Denman brush to detangle.. Then rinse..

Step 2– Section my hair and apply a leave in conditioner on each section, raking my curls with my fingers to seperate my curls..

Step 3– Sometimes I will apply Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Safflower Oil to each section as well.. It really locks in the moisture and gives so much radiance and shine..

Step 4– I start to diffuse (blowdry) my hair because I don’t have the patience to air dry.. I timed it and it literally took 7 hours… Also, Since I like my hair big, I wouldn’t be able to achieve that with wet hair… So immediate gratification is my middle name…lol

This routine is all year ’round.. Since I never air dry my hair… However, in the winter it’s a must that I use some type of oil in my hair for extra moisture due to drier weather..

Lexi:  What are your favorite products? Styling tools?

Taren: Well I haven’t turned into an official product junky just yet.. But from what I have tried… I feel like the “Mixed Chicks” line is my favorite so far..Recently, I tried using Kinky Curly “Knot Today as a leave in and I must say that I love that as well..
Also, I finally tried the ECO Syler Gel and that is also a great styling product… I was surprised because I’m not a big fan of gel.. But it was not crunchy. hard or sticky.. The gel left my hair soft and defined my curls.. It seems to be a good “lock in” product.. A great finishing touch.. I have tons more to try 🙂

My all time favorite styling tools are my diffuser/blow dryer (can’t live w/o it..) and the Denman Brush.. When my hair is straight, it is my magnetic and velcro rollers that I love because they give me volume and bounce… So in a nutshell, any tool that can give my my BIG HAIR fix…lol

Lexi: What is your go-to hairstyle; and what are the steps?

Taren: Well I usually just let my curls fall as they may.. But when I do decide to style my hair, I love wearing my curls to the side.. It’s fairly simple.. All I do is swoop ALL of my hair to one side and smooth it out… Then I apply a big banana clip so that it’s tight and secure and use bobby pins to for any excess hair that needs to be pinned… I call it my “Curly Bunch” 🙂 taren2

Lexi:  How is the natural hair scene in NYC?

Taren: The natural scene in NYC is so so… If I can measure it in percentage I would guess about 30% of the people that I encounter are natural.. Also, it depends on location i’ve noticed.. For example, you will spot more natural heads in Soho (Downtown Manhattan) more so than Midtown.. It’s seems like the environment in the downtown areas are more comfortable with expression of self in my opinion.. I even get different vibes in each area… I don’t feel judged not one bit when I’m walking in the Village but in some parts of Brooklyn I will feel a little akward for standing out so much… So the true answer is …… It just depends on what area of NYC i’m in..

Lexi: What advice would you give someone going natural?

Toren: I like the fact that there’s more duality or versatility with natural hair.. More choices.. Straight hair is no longer the hair However, it’s not peaches and cream all of the time and sometimes natural hair can get a little frustrating, so I say, when this feeling comes along… Always look at other people’s hair for inspiration.. Look at some natural hair pictures or videos.. They have helped me soooo much through my journey.. Inspiration and confidence mixed together are the best to have when going natural.. Just be prepared to be different and embrace that lack of conformity.. I never loved my hair so much in my life! it’s not that it has changed… It’s that I’m recognizing it’s TRUE beauty…. Finally…….


Thank you so much to Taren for taking time to answer some questions that I am sure alot of you 3b/3c curlies would love to know. If you haven’t seen her videos yet,  you are missing out. Check her out at Taren16’s Videos. I also heard her say in a video that she was thinking about starting a blog. When she does, I will be sure to post the link so you ladies can keep in touch with her gorgeous curls. Until next time…