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YouTuber Spotlight: Rosered1585

I love Rosered1585’s hair. Check her out:

Lexi- Your weekly regimen

Rosered1585-My weekly regimen (strangely even after being natural since 2003) is still being developed LOL. But in the warmer months, when don’t wear my hair straight, I usually will wash once a week and right now I use Creame of Nature detangling shampoo and their leave in conditioner. I’ll also co-wash a few times during the week with Herbal Essence Hello Hydration or Totally Twisted and put some more leave in after wards.  Sometimes I will just put it through my hair, maybe in sections, and let it turn into a fro, or I’ll put indivudual braids in and let it dry and take them out and wear with the crinkles from the braids. At night I usually tie my hair with a satin scarf for protection against my pillowcase 🙂
Lexi-What are your favorite products, and how do you use them?
Rosered1585-Fav. products??? hmmm… Hello Hydration and Totally Twisted are great for co-washes and Creme of Nature leave in leaves my hair feeling really really soft! I haven’t tried many other products yet (I bought Kinky Curly Knot Today and Curling Curstard, but I havent used them yet). But with the leave ins I do use, I basically just let my hair do whatever as it’s drying, instead of trying to force it to form shape (I’m still learning not to touch it too much while it’s wet LOL).
Lexi-What is your favorite style?
Rosered1585 -I’d have to say the puff has become a favorite. its easy and pretty low maintainence. I’ll wash or just co-wash and detangle my hair. Then apply leave in conditioner and brush the front and underside of my hair, kinda slick it down, and use a cut stocking to tie it in a puff and the fluff out some to create a fro shape. (I have a video on youtube doing this LOL)