YouTube Ladies

So lets get into Youtube. Here are my favorite Youtubers and why:

So my favorites has to be a tie between Naptural85 and ChiselleCouture .

Why Naptural85? OMG she has such a cute personality and her videos are super informative not to mention her fly hair. Be on the lookout for her.

Why ChiselleCouture? She has the flyest hairstyles and is very detailed in showing you how to do it. She also throws in makeup tuts as well.

Okay on to all of my other favs

NikkiMae2003 NaturalChica has such a cute sense of style and such a warm spirit. She even just started selling her own hair accessories on Etsy. Check out her blog

FamilyGoingNatural She is so hilarious. You get to see great hair and laugh. She has an awesome personality and includes her children who are all natural and have all different textures. She does plenty of product reviews.

Taren916 OMG her big hair is soooo amazing. I LOVE big hair as you can tell. She has a looser curl pattern (3a,3b) so if you have looser curls, you should definitely follow her for tips on your hair type. I didn’t even know 3a hair could get that big.

MahoganyKnots You get two for one subscribing to them. They both show off their cute hair styles and all the steps to get there. Check them out.

LongHairDontCare2011 Now LHDC2001….her hair is so nice and thick and healthy. Her hair is Waist Length I believe and what does she do to retain length- low manipulation. She actually wears her hair in braids mostly and she has attributed that to her length retention. There is nothing more I can say…run and check out her videos By the time you finish watching her videos, you will definitely be drooling.

These aren’t all of my favorite. More to come…