Young, Fabulous & Female- Sponsored by The Root and Target

I had the amazing opportunity to go to the Young, Fabulous & Female event sponsored by The Root and Target (Thanks Farrah). For those of you not familiar with The Root, it is a subsidiary of The Washington Post where they write news stories that appeal to African Americans. I actually came across their site not too long ago when it was linked to another blog.

What was included:

What are the secrets to developing both inner and outer beauty? What challenges do successful black women face as they shape their careers and images? How does one find a mentor or become one? What must we do to increase the ranks of the young, fabulous and female within our community? The Root (a black-news-and-opinion website owned by the Washington Post Co.) presents a moderated discussion of these questions, featuring some of our community’s young, fabulous and female achievers. They will answer these questions, as well as those posed by The Root‘s audience.

The panel was AWESOME…let me type that again..AWESOME. I learned something about each lady that was on stage.

The lovely Jacque Reid was the moderator. The panel included Taj George from SWV, Tracey Ferguson- Editor In Chief of Jones Magazine,  Beverly Bond of Black Girls Rock, and Terri J. Vaughn (Meet The Browns). These ladies all deserved to be up there and were amazing. Each of them had an inspirational story of how they became successful.

Some important notes that stood out to me:

Taj George: “Before you can love anyone else, you have to love yourself”   —As we talked about self esteem and being comfortable in jeans and no makeup. Most of the panel would feel comfortable .

Also, Taj encouraged everyone to go see Justin Beiber’s movie. Why? Because it will teach you that things aren’t just handed to you. You have to work for it. JB has been trying to get a deal for years and everyone told him No. She said you will hear No’s several times before Yes’.

Beverly Bond She started as a model and then got into DJing which was her passion. She is the founder of Black Girls Rock and the Producer of the awards show on BET. It took her years. She put everything into it. She encourages you to take steps each day toward what you want to do.

Tracey Ferguson Her magazine didn’t come easy. She was Regional for 6 years before getting national distribution. She heard more No’s than Yes’ and continues to get more No’s, but that doesn’t stop her. “I eat, breath, and sleep this magazine” She is constantly working and maintaining her magazine.

Terri J.Vaughn prides herself in taking care of her family, cooking EVERY night (even after shooting Meet The Browns), to helping the kids with their homework, to hanging out with friends. She definitely knows how to balance. What motivates her is that even in troubling or challenging times, she always finds something positive in the situation.

Jacque Reid on hate on African American women. She believes alot is perpetuated on reality shows. She wants to see more positive programming like Black Girls Rock. All of the ladies encouraged us to write letters if we don’t like something and to speak up. Our voices will be heard because we have buying power.

Shout out to Target for sponsoring and giving EACH person in the audience a Target gift bag with a full size jar of Miss Jessies Curly Pudding, $25 Target Gift Card, and a Target notepad and pen!! I was able to snag an additional Curly Pudding from a lady who was relaxed. Thanks 🙂

I had an awesome time and made some great connections.