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World Natural Hair Show Recap

I don’t have many pictures 🙁 I was told that if I was caught taking pictures for my blog that I would be thrown out and it wasn’t that serious to me so I didn’t bring my camera. They didn’t want any bloggers taking pictures 🙁 It didn’t really seem enforced though since I saw no one get questioned… Other people did take pics so here are a couple:

Tekela, Alex and I

Tekela, the fabulous celebrity hairstylist Felicia Leatherwood and I.

 I was there doing a giveaway with Design Essentials! I also went to their class on natural styling and I continue to learn great techniques for my hair. Will share full recap on that later

I probably won’t be going back to the hair show again unless I am working with a company. I have been so many years and have always supported…but for me, it no longer has the same appeal. At this point because I have so many products, I just want to go to see all of the amazing ladies and take pictures to show my readers who weren’t able to attend–but since I can no longer do that, it kinda defeats the purpose for me. Not to mention that a couple of brands I wanted to see weren’t there that were on their website- that was disappointing that vendors who weren’t coming weren’t taken off the list. I do however LOVE seeing all the awesome people who read my blog or watch my videos and meeting other bloggers. Thats the great thing about it! The camaraderie.

Oh, and I did buy a super cute ankara print dress!!!

And here is a better picture of my hair. This is a 3 day old wash and go. I put some of Cantu’s new natural line product on it to moisturize and began pinning!

And me and Bentley

Did you enjoy the show?