World Natural Hair Show Recap

I don’t have many pictures 🙁 I was told that if I was caught taking pictures for my blog that I would be thrown out and it wasn’t that serious to me so I didn’t bring my camera. They didn’t want any bloggers taking pictures 🙁 It didn’t really seem enforced though since I saw no one get questioned… Other people did take pics so here are a couple:

Tekela, Alex and I

Tekela, the fabulous celebrity hairstylist Felicia Leatherwood and I.

 I was there doing a giveaway with Design Essentials! I also went to their class on natural styling and I continue to learn great techniques for my hair. Will share full recap on that later

I probably won’t be going back to the hair show again unless I am working with a company. I have been so many years and have always supported…but for me, it no longer has the same appeal. At this point because I have so many products, I just want to go to see all of the amazing ladies and take pictures to show my readers who weren’t able to attend–but since I can no longer do that, it kinda defeats the purpose for me. Not to mention that a couple of brands I wanted to see weren’t there that were on their website- that was disappointing that vendors who weren’t coming weren’t taken off the list. I do however LOVE seeing all the awesome people who read my blog or watch my videos and meeting other bloggers. Thats the great thing about it! The camaraderie.

Oh, and I did buy a super cute ankara print dress!!!

And here is a better picture of my hair. This is a 3 day old wash and go. I put some of Cantu’s new natural line product on it to moisturize and began pinning!

And me and Bentley

Did you enjoy the show?


curly comments!

  • Mommy

    I miss you and Bentley!!!

  • Cherie Huff

    I’m a little disturbed to hear that BLOGGERS were not allowed to take pics. There’s no fun in it anymore. I think we all had negative experiences all the way around. As a vendor I have quite a sad story to tell on the happenings at the SPRING 2012 WHNS. Nice article BTW and glads to hear that I wasn’t the only one that felt the same.

  • This is interesting. I was taking pics all over the place and even too a few with Taliah Waajid herself. The general public were also taking pics.

  • Love that last picture and the one with your profile. So cute!

    Didn’t make it out to the hair show…but looks like you had a good time. *giggles* 😉

  • LexiWithTheCurls

    Yes, general public was allowed to take pictures. Really they would have no way of knowing if you were a blogger or not unless they already knew you so I don’t know anyone that was questioned. General public was allowed to take pictures though…but I was told by several people who were working with them that bloggers cannot take pictures for their blogs. I’m sure I could’ve taken pictures and probably would’ve only gotten stopped if someone recognized me as a blogger which some of the staff did…so that was no bueno for me. Plus, if they don’t want the free advertisement, then I’m not giving it to them. Not a big deal at all for me….

  • Wow I was not aware that bloggers were not allowed to take pics. I walked around with my camera the whole time. I took pics of people including you and people took pics of me. Ive done this for the past 3 shows. That seems really pointless not to mention a turnoff. On a side note I enjoyed the NH hair forum that was held at the library on May 1st. I did not get a chance to meet you personally but am confident that are paths will cross again. Be blessed Marilyn

  • So you were under the assumption that you couldn’t take pics or you were actually told this? There were vloggers/bloggers everywhere taking pics and video. I am trying to understand because I was working at the show and didn’t see any restrictions on video/photo taking.

  • LexiWithTheCurls

    I was specifically told in email in writing from someone who works for their organization and was told in person by people who were working there (for the actual show). Yes, there were no signs or anything up. It was just some of their new rules. People were taking pictures everywhere because the staff probably (a) weren’t really about to stop each person with a camera and ask them if they are a blogger or not or (b) they didn’t know the person was a blogger. These days everyone is a blogger so it would be impossible for them to regulate who is/isn’t a blogger. Regardless though (since they weren’t really regulating it) since I was told that, I didn’t want to risk it by bring my camera. I was just disappointed they didn’t want bloggers to take pictures for their site for whatever reasons they have…

  • LexiWithTheCurls

    Thanks. Glad you enjoyed the forum. I’m sure we will eventually meet. ….Yes, same here. I have been taking pictures and doing videos of the show, hyping it up, etc for years… but I don’t really understand their reasoning behind it. These days, beauty bloggers have access to the Grammy’s I don’t understand why the hair show was against it. I didn’t think it was anything that serious…so it definitely turned me off.

  • Tia

    Ya’ll look so cute! Love your hair and your earrings!!! I took pics. Was planning to share the link with them, but guess not 😐

  • I definitely got that e-mail saying that I am not allowed to take pics too. And I got it as I was pulling into the convention center. From past experiences with Taliah Waajid as a company I’ve been very put-off by them in general. If it wasn’t for the fact that BASK Beauty was at the show, I would not have gone at all. Same as you Lexi, I didn’t really care to promote the show considering how they handle business. I won’t even talk about the fiasco of people pre-paying and I still got my ticket and into the show before them when I bought my ticket the day of. That made no sense. And also, I was told by one of the vendors that the facility didn’t have air condition pre-show so temperature sensitive products melted as a result of. Because that vendor has integrity, she didn’t sell that one product at the show. I ended up ordering it online.

    Would I go to another show again? :-/ ehhh

  • Daisy

    SMH In the words of my mama “Can’t NOBODY do it like black folks” WHY would they say bloggers can’t take pics, have no AC and advertise vendors that did not attend. I know they listed one vendor on the website who had no intentions of attending this yr because her business is currently on “pause”. This was only my 2nd time attending and since I have locs I don’t go for the products but rather for afro centric t shirts, African print clothes and jewelry.

  • Kathy Bentley

    Well I am from Dallas and I went. The heat was murder but I was anxious to see some of the people that was listed on the site. Especially Miss Jessie’s since I saw them last year at the Nzuri hair show in Houston. Was a bit dissapointed like you to realize that some of the folks on their site was not on site!

    I went b/c several sisters were talking about it after last year’s Nzuri show and we planned to meet up in ATL. I was really blown away at how much I enjoyed the Nzuri show (even though smaller) it was very welcoming and very cool. I guess we will just celebrate down here in Texas b/c although we are used to the heat, I don’t want to pay to be hot. I wish them well but the Nzuri show is what’s up for me. Hope to see some of yall in December!’

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Dominique

    I went to the show and enjoyed it but it was definitely overwhelming. If I go again, I’ll have a list ready. I was able to get a lot of samples and business cards so if all else fails, I have a long list of products to order 🙂

  • Marisa

    Wow, I have not had a chance to attend, so I recap with Bloggers to see how it went. I was looking forward in attending the one in October, so hopefully, those with the rules won’t be around. Its not nice to take the fun away like that. They will lose people in the fall.