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Workout Hair- What To Do?

Workout Hair- What To Do?

I am on a journey to find a good hairstyle for working out. Since I am working out and sweating more consistently, I have to do my hair accordingly. Toward the beginning of me working out, I had a weave so it was pretty easy. Now, with my hair out, I need a style that is cute AND won’t look horrible after a workout.

Here is what I did last week… I would probably take out the word “cute”, but it was a great practical style for the week.

Last Sunday, I did two strand twists all over my head- not parted or anything- taking random sections. I wore a beanie most days to make it feel more presentable.

photo 3 (1)

                                         photo 2 (1) photo 1 (1)

Maybe next week I will do mini-twists and rock it in updos! I think that will work out well.

Help! What is your go-to style for working out?


Bonus pic! My weight loss so far!!! (excuse my hair blowing all over the place and my eyes closed)  I can’t wait to hit 190 and so on….. I just want my stomach semi-flat really

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