Winter/Spring Protective Style- Weave

It’s that time again for me where I’m just tired of doing my hair so much so I want to give (the majority of) my hair a break. I got a sew in weave to last me a month or so–depending on how I feel. I purchased 3 bundles of hair over time at Bronner Bros (the past two shows) and was finally ready to put it in.

I tried to dye a bundle of hair prior to the install, but the color didn’t take that well and I didn’t want to overprocess the hair which I have done before on other hair 🙁 . I still ended up getting a really pretty brown though.

I got it installed anyway and figured I would get it dyed again soon, but this time I could pin point how much I wanted to dye…Really only one layer of tracks because I just want enough for my hair color to blend.

So it’s LONG! lol That’s what I wanted though.  I wanted 26 inches just to play with. I can do fishtail braids, etc…

Anyway, here is the hair: (please don’t judge the colors not matching lol. I am taking care of this soon)

The blonde is just so light that I have to try to dye the  extension hair again to match my hair- but just the very top layer. I will wait a couple of days to give the hair a break.

A friend suggested I just get the hair layered so I won’t have to dye the hair and it will blend more. IDK what I want to do now.

Here is the leave out. I didn’t press it like I usually do so it’s not as straight as I usually get it. She left the perfect amount of leave out so I can cover the tracks.

I can’t wait to share the different styles I decide to do and I will update when the hair color is changed as well.