Why Wash & Go’s are bad for my hair?

Did I mention I don’t care for Wash & Go’s? Whenever  I have a nice event to go, I will do a Wash & Go because it is easy to do and pull out the Diffuser.I mean I LOVE them for one day, but it goes downhill from there. The second day it may look alright…but the roots start to get matted and the ends are starting to get tangled. I believe this is why I have an issue with retaining length.

I noticed the ladies that retain the most length do Twist Outs/Braid Outs or just braids and twists. The key is to protect the ends. By day 3 my hair is super matted and I end up spending 45 minutes detangling in the shower again.

Now, If I am doing a shingling method then I don’t have those issues with the ends getting intertwined and tangled around each other because its usually a heavier product that maintains all the curls.

From now on I will wash my hair the next day after a Wash & Go to protect my hair.

Do you have these issues with Wash & Go’s? Do you prefer Twist/Braids Outs?

Wash & Go’s are a NO GO for me!