Whose approval are we looking for?

After being on Twitter and blogs/forums–I notice that it seems alot of the natural hair “community” are looking for approval. From raves of celebrities wearing their hair natural like Kim Coles, Chrisette Michelle, Tiffany Pollard from I Love New York….to rants like Steve Harvey and the newest, Method Man not liking natural hair. What’s the big fuss?
(I was prompted to right this because of the numerous naturals ranting on Twitter about this post on Necole Bitchie today about Method Man saying in an interview that he did not like women with “peasy afros” or dreds.)

Do we need celebrities to go natural to be okay with ourselves….and do we need to bash men who don’t “approve of natural hair”? No. Be happy with yourself and your hair. It doesn’t make sense to get up in arms about things like this. People go natural everyday and I hate to break it to you…a celebrity wearing their natural hair doesn’t give YOU approval. And a celebrity male dissing natural women doesn’t make your hair “Unapproved” You have to get approval on your own (if thats what you are looking for).

I am not looking for approval. I don’t care if Obama were to stand up and say he doesn’t like natural hair…It’s not the end of the world.

I think the ladies that have gone/chosen to wear their hair natural that are celebrities – I think its an awesome thing. And I can’t get mad at a male celebrity for stating his preference- regardless of the way they say it- Everyone is entitled to their own opinion…

You have to be comfortable with yourself first and not look to others for approval about YOUR hair. They are people too.