When is the best time to Transition?

When is the best time to transition to you? I had never really thought about it.

My friend Christina is now starting her transition (Yyaahh!! Christina) . She decided to relax again before the summertime to get through that period where it is super hot and a time where we tend to sweat our hair out. I definitely think this was a good plan on her part. I’m sure alot of ladies that transition through the summer end up going back to relaxers because it is something new to them and the sweating doesn’t help the situation. I was actually in the same boat. I had the hardest time trying to make my hair all look like one texture because I was transitioning throughout the summertime. It was ALOT of work. I really wasn’t prepared.

I feel like transitioning starting in the Fall is definitely easier. That gives you a good 9 months before its back to the sweltering heat. By that time, you will be a pro at transitioning styles! I’m not saying that is the only time to transition, but it definitely makes it easier for someone who is on the natural hair vs relaxer fence. Starting in the summer time just makes it a little harder for those who can easily be deterred. Transitioning is hard no matter what time of the year. It takes work but its SOOOO worth it when you are done.

Don’t let the summer heat stop you though! 🙂 Happy Transitioning!