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What Were Your Favorite Products Pre-Going Natural?

I thought about this question because most of our favorite brands pre-relaxer are starting to delve into the natural haircare world which is a good thing! Every couple of months there is another company debuting their natural line and I love it!!

A couple of my favorites pre-natural:


Fav Product: CPR (Critical Protection & Repair) conditioner. My friend and I were talking about this a couple of months ago. It was so amazing while relaxed so we recently went back to using it and it still has amazing effects!!!

Luster’s Pink Oil

Fav product: Pink Oil Light – For some reason the light one was the best to me. It wasn’t as heavy as the other one and I used this religiously growing up on my relaxed hair. This worked for me when my hair was straight as a light moisturizer and for ponytails

Doo Gro

I used to LOVE this brand!! I used to buy up everything from the shampoo to the grease. Fav product: Medicated Hair Revitalizer in Extra Light.  I used to put this on my scalp and looooovvvveee it!! It kinda tingled and had a great smell. I haven’t used this in forever.

African Royale

You remember them??? Fav Product: Hot Six Oil.  I used to use this religiously. I would heat up the oil either in the microwave or on the stove and put it on my hair and leave it in and then rinse it out. I loved the smell and the way my hair would feel and shine afterward!!

So I wanted to ask 2 things..What was your favorite brand pre-going natural? And what brand do you wish made products catered to natural hair?