What was your 1st favorite product for your hair?

What was mine? Hands down Paul Mitchell’s Foaming Pommade.. When I went natural in 2003, of course all these curly hair brands and natural hair care brands weren’t around. I didn’t have anyone to turn to and all I could think of was to ask every salon I saw what they recommend for my hair.  Every salon I would go to with my big curly hair would immediately say “Paul Mitchell’s Foaming Pommade”. Boy were they right. I immediately fell in love and would buy 2 or 3 at a time so I wouldn’t run out, especially in the summertime.  I have neglected my very 1st tried and true product.  Well, I’m back on it. I can’t wait to use it again this spring/ summer for Wash & Go’s.

I will do a video after the event is over of me using it. I first fell in love because IMMEDIATELY when you put the product in your hair it curls up…I can’t explain it…I can only show you…Will do a video next week using it.

What was your very 1st favorite product for your natural hair?