What is “Good Hair” by CurlyTopLori

What is “Good Hair”?

Is it the hair that flows down her back, sleek and shiny full of bounce? Is it the hair that swings “to and fro” and straight as a bone? Is it the tightly coiled, neatly coiffed TWA or the curly corkscrew ringlets that cause many to stare? Is it that slammin’ FRO, perfected to a “Tee” that would make even “Angela Davis” green with envy? Is it the hair that explodes at the thought of humidity? Is it the hair that doesn’t know which side of the “color fence” to lean on? Is it the Senegalese Twists and Locs of Glory that tell our history’s story!

I believe “Good Hair” is not defined by length, texture, kinks, coils, curls or thickness. The term “Good Hair” has been used as a source of separation from our past and sometimes still creeps into our present. This occurs through media, narrow-minded people and sometimes unintentionally through our own “Natural Hair” community. I’m pleased to see we’ve made great strides towards embracing ourselves more openly and expressed through the revelation of our beautiful “Natural Hair”.

I’ve been natural over eighteen years, and have had the opportunity to observe the recent “Natural Hair” revolution and evolution.  “Good Hair” can be achieved by embracing, learning, loving and caring for our hair.  This is a very personal and individual journey, as everyone’s hair needs differ to some degree. With this in mind, we are not alone…as there are many walking down similar paths, united by experiences and struggles with our hair.

Now is the time to spread the good news of our Natural Hair, lending encouragement and support whether in the journey or not. What once was considered a curse, is now recognized as a blessing. Allow your hair to be your “Crowning Glory.

As I always say, “Any hair you have on your head and it’s healthy hair, child that’s some “Good Hair”!

With Love from your Natural Hair Sister,


Thank you so much Lori. I’m loving her article and it is so inspirational. I see us (natural hair community) buy into the “Good Hair” stereotypes. I can’t wait until we can all be supportive and not divide us anymore. Check out CurlyTopLori on Youtube