What Influences Me? ‘Pay It Forward’ With Coca-Cola

What Influences Me? ‘Pay It Forward’ With Coca-Cola

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There are alot of people and events that have happened that influence me. Most recently, I had a pretty traumatizing experience. Well, “traumatizing” might be a strong word…just a super difficult experience. If you watched the news last week, you saw that in Atlanta we had a snowstorm that created ice all over the highways and panic set in. As everyone got off work at the same time, we were forced to sit in traffic for HOURS. Tons of accidents occured, cars died, people were stranded, it was horrible.


I left work around 4:30pm Tuesday and was stuck on the highway for 22 hours! You read that right, 22 hours!! In 13 degree weather I was stuck on the highway and spent the night in my car with thousands of others who didn’t make it home that night with no food and water. It was a horrible experience out of a movie!

Well, you never know how sweet people are until you are in a bad situation. I live tweeted my experiences on social media- Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Do you know that total strangers reached out to me to tell me that I could sleep at their house because they lived close to where I was stranded? People who didn’t know me at all!! I literally could not believe how nice and sweet people were but they are out there!! Out of the kindness of their heart, they were willing to open up their home to me 🙂

I saw all of the love and southern hospitality as someone started a facebook paged called SnowedOutAtlanta. This facebook group had thousands of people willing to offer strangers their homes and meals so they wouldn’t have to sleep in their cars overnight.

Because it was so icy, I couldn’t walk so I decided not to walk the miles to anyone’s house so in the morning when the sun came out, strangers that lived in the area walked onto the highway and came and brought us snacks and water!!! That was sooo sweet of them! Strangers spent their money and walked onto the highway to walk to each car and asked if we needed any water or snacks or any assistance.

All in all, I was overwhelmed at how the people of Metro Atlanta came together to help out those in need. I am so proud to call Atlanta my home with so many people willing to reach out to us thousands who were stranded.

This leads me to the  Coca-Cola ‘Pay It Forward’ campaign. This is a time for giving back. This made me think, when people are in need, I need to do whatever I can to help out. People were willing to help me, and I need to do better at doing the same.

If you know a youth who ‘Pays It Forward’, please nominate them at

There will be a Coke ‘Twitter Chat’ with Steve Harvey taking place on Thursday, February 6th so make sure you are following him to join in the convo

Because a great mentor can make all the difference, Coca-Cola has teamed up with Steve Harvey to give two young people the apprenticeship experience of a lifetime. Visit to nominate an aspiring youth and help pay it forward to the next generation. In addition, each winning youth gets a $5,000 scholarship to assist with his or her pursuit of higher education.

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by the Coca-Cola Company via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of the Coca-Cola Company.