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What does it mean to go CG?

Curly Girl (CG) is a book by Lorraine Massey. I had a chance to read this book when I was at Curltopia Salon and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

She suggest you “co-wash” (conditioner wash) instead of using shampoo.

(From Most shampoos contain harsh, drying sulfates that are extremely damaging for curly hair (ammonium laureth sulfate, ammonium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, sodium lauryl sulfate, etc.). They make curly hair frizzy and uncooperative. Conditioner can be used sufficiently to clean the hair (see the next step). Also, more gentle shampoos that contain mild cleansers (i.e. cocamidopropyl betaine or coco betaine) can be used occasionally or more often for wavier hair types.

Lexi- I have not followed this regimen.   I have heard alot of people that are “modified CG” which means, they stray from time to time with things that the “CG” method is agaisnt like straightening with a flat iron. If I did try it, I would definitely be a modified CG user…which kind of defeats the purpose lol.

Check out ShidaNatural as she transitions to CG. She knows alot about it and is charting her journey, I think daily.