What Do I Pack? Hair Edition + I’m Headed To NY

I will be in NY this week! I had the opportunity to go to a debut of a new natural hair care line so I am headed up there to attend the luncheon.  I got to get some of the product a little early for a sneak peek and I love it! Will share what company and details of this new haircare line for natural hair.

I’ll be in NY for a couple of days so I can catch up with some friends and best of all SHOP- I have an unhealthy shopping obsession! But for now, it’s the packing that is giving me anxiety. I have to fit all my stuff and have room to bring some things back 🙂

So as most of you know, I live in ATL so I am sooo not used to cold weather. I have NO idea what to wear and I hear it is supposed to snow while I am there. That means I have to bring bulkier clothes and shoes. I am one of those people that HATE to check a bag. It just wastes so much extra time having to wait after you arrive to your destination. I HAVE to consolidate and make it work so I don’t have to check a bag!

And hair products? Ay Yi Yi!! I don’t know what to bring. I always have this problem. Typically when I go somewhere, I just buy inexpensive products when I get there. Sometimes making little baggies and transferring products to 3 ounce clear bottles can get a little messy…well, at least I always make a mess doing it! I usually opt for the Shampoo and Conditioner that is available at my hotel so that saves a little space. I have a couple of different options for items for my hair.

Well, I plan on doing a twist-out so I need products for retwisting at night or products  in case I decide to do a wash and go one day. Here are some options I found for traveling:




There are several different options for traveling with hair products. I think I am going to go with my products that are already travel sized. It makes my life a little easier. Plus I don’t have to go purchased products when I get there. I only need a small amount to retwist at night and hope it works out in the morning 😉

How do you usually pack with your hair products? Do you transfer your products to clear 3 ounce bottles, purchase travel sized products, purchase product packets, or something else?