Wen Review

I finally tried Wen. If you Subscribe to my YouTube Channel then you have seen the review, but I just wanted to provide a post as well. Wen is a sulfate free conditioning shampoo. Sulfate free is supposed to be great for natural hair. Sulfate shampoos strip the hair of the oils we need in natural hair.


I tried Wen Sweet Almond Mint. It smells really good. Thats always my first thing. Secondly it was very moisturizing and my hair was easier to detangle which is a plus. I thought it did a great job of cleansing my scalp and hair. I straightened it afterwards. Only downfall is you have to use  16-24 for short hair, 24-32 for medium length, and 32-40 for long hair so you end up using alot. When I go back to wearing my hair in its natural state I will use it consistently. You are supposed to see great results within 2 weeks. I will keep you all updated to see if it has great results over time.