Weight Loss Challenge Participants

Thank you everyone who has entered the Weight Loss Challenge. This is not a race, but a journey to a healthier life.

I’m so excited. Here are some participants who chose to share pics and their blogs:


(So my boyfriend said I was sucking in and I don’t normally look like that–Im going to take some more pics soon)

Starting Weight: 186     Hips: 44

Goal Weight (6 months) 165-170


5′ 8 1/2″    Starting Weight: 199

Goal Weight: 165

Daree Allen @DareeAllen

Current Weight: 192 Waist: 38″  Hips: 46″
Goal: 165-170

Leah L.

Current Weight: 176

Goal Weight: 146

Greta K.

Current Weight – 318.5lbs  Waist – 58 inches

Goal Weight – 278.4lbs (-40lbs)

Her brother would like to join as well! Yay for the guys!


Weight – 346lbs      Waist – 58 1/4 inches

6 Month Goal – to lose 30lbs

Tiff H.


Waist: 48  Hips: 51

Karima R.

Current Weight 129.6 lbs      Waist: 35 inches       Hips: 38.5 inches
Goal Weight: Lose 19 lbs.   110 lbs.

Tawana A.

Current Weight: 157   Goal Weight: 150

Wants to lose weight and add muscle tone

Lisa K.

Current Weight – 246lbs  Waist: 46 in

Goal Weight: 216  (Lose 30)



Current Weight: 208   Waist: 44in Hips: 44in

After having 2 babies back to back,  her Goal Weight to be: 160


Waist: 33in  Hips: 43in

Lauren S.


Current weight: 234.6
Goal weight: 190



Height:  5’5″  Current Weight: 223lbs
Six Month Goal Weight: 186lbs


JewellsAvenue and Youtube

Current weight:  188  Waist:  39″   Hips:  48″
Goal Weight in 6 months:  145


F-Yeah Nadia

Starting Weight: 192.5 lbs   Waist: 40.5 in     Hips: 44 in

She has lost 7.5 pounds already in 3 weeks!  Goal Weight: 145 lbs


Starting Weight: 220 lbs.  Wasit: 40in   Hips: 48

She plans on cutting back on carbs, sugars, and caffeine. She also has a workout plan from a trainer and will be getting weekly B12 shots.

Goal Weight: 180

Kimberly B.

Starting Weight:218lbs

Goal Weight: Lose 1 lb a week.   191lbs

Kizzymat AKA HappySavvyNatural


Starting Weight: 205

Goal Weight: 160

Jonna aka Monchhichi and YT:ItsMeMonchhichi

Starting weight: 154.  Waist: 37.5″

Goal weight: 115.  Waist: 28″



Current weight – 188.4

Arms – 13 1/2, Waist – 33 3/4 , Abs – 37 1/16, Hips – 43 11/16

Good luck!!!!!!! I wish everyone much success in getting to a healthier point in their life.

If you sent your pics and I didn’t post them, please let me know. I tried to double check my e-mail.