Weight Loss Challenge anyone? Starts Jan 1

So as I am dealing with hair and work and everything else, I have been neglecting my health. I have gained alot of weight this year. From 2006-2010, I have gained over 35lbs and haven’t been able to lose. I remember back in (I think 2006 or 7) when the big Tyra controversy was going on where she was considered fat on the tabloids and she weighed 160. I remember the moment when I weighed 160 at the same time AND I am the same height as Tyra so if she was “fat”, I started thinking I was too. Now obviously 160 and 5’9″-5’10” isn’t anywhere near “fat” (ugghhh I HATE that word) but thats what the world said. (So odd since the majority of America is overweight).

Anyway, many, many pounds later…I am tired of the gained pounds. Everytime I get on the scale, I hope to see a lower number, but ….Nope…a higher number. Why should I expect a lower number when I did nothing to lose weight- didn’t change my eating habits, didn”t exercise, ate super late every night, didn’t care about calories.

Well this year…I am losing those pounds. I need to be healthier. I get to the point where I am exhausted from going up and down the stairs. I am totally out of shape and I want to get back in shape. I was the skinny girl in high school who danced and played soccer…now if you ask me to kick a ball up and down a field..I wouldn’t even make it half way without stopping from being out of breath.

So…I am going to start a weight loss challenge. A 6 month challenge to be exact.

Want to join in The Natural Hair Weight Loss Challenge?

There is no particular way you have to try to lose weight- It can be calorie counting, going to the gym, getting a trainer, Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, Dance classes, Fitness Boot Camps, etc…Each person should update their progress bi-weekly or weekly, whichever they choose, on their personal blog and I will do an update post for everyone monthly on my blog so we can collectively see how everyone is doing.

This will be an awesome way for people to check up and look at all of the different methods we are using to lose weight. There is not just one way to lose weight. What will I do to lose weight? Hmmm. I’m a southern girl and I love my food..But with the help of my boyfriend, we are going to do only baked or broiled chicken and fish + a salad for 6 days and the 7th day we can eat “whatever”- “whatever” for us is like pizza or smothered porkchops. I guess its like a cheat day.

Nextly, I am going to start taking dance classes. The gym bores me!! I can’t go to the gym and do the same thing every other day. I would love to go to Boot Camps they have early in the morning at parks around Atlanta, but I think it is too cold right now to be outside at 5 in the morning. Maybe as it gets warmer in March, I can transition to Fitness Boot Camps.

I don’t really know what will work for me, but my food habits are definitely going to change. Join the challenge! 🙂

If you are interested in joining the challenge, please send me an e-mail to lexi@curlscoilsandkinks(dot)com with “Weight Loss” in the subject. I would like to post everyone’s blog on this post so people can go to all of our blogs to see our progress. Also include a pic of you currently and starting weight and 6 month goal weight. If you feel comfortable, you should also include your waist and hip size in inches. (If you are like me and most women, you are trying to lose inches in your mid section)

Monthly, I will post everyone’s results as well as their blog so people can go there to see for themselves (if they have a blog). At the end of each month people can “Weigh In” and answer these questions:

Weight At the Beginning of the month:

What habits did you change this month?

Did you try anything new? Did you like it?

How do you feel?

Any thoughts..

Weight at the end of the month:

I will post pics of everyone who is in the challenge at the beginning—the mid challenge 3 month mark—-and at the end of the 6 months- but be sure to take pics each month so at the end of June we can show the gradual loss month to month. (Perfect timing for those bikinis and summer vacations!!)

Here is a calender to make things easier:

You can join the challenge at anytime. There is no winner or loser…just encouraging each other to get healthy. If it’s alot of people in ATL, maybe we could get a boot camp together or go to some classes together–same with other cities so I am adding the cities to the people who don’t mind adding it.


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