Weekend Wrap Up: Buffalo Exchange ATL – How I Made A Quick $100

Weekend Wrap Up: Buffalo Exchange ATL – How I Made A Quick $100

I had a great weekend. Friday night I hung out with a good friend for dinner and then went to see D’Jango Unchained. Great movie!! Kinda gory though 🙁 All in all, a great movie! It’s almost 3 hours long, but it didn’t bother me because I was so into the plot.

Saturday it was rainy so I literally chilled all day!! I was preparing to go to Buffalo Exchange in Atlanta. They JUST opened up an Atlanta location. If you are unfamiliar with Buffalo Exchange, it is a cool place where you can buy, sell or trade gently used clothes. I am a thrifter and I am just in general…pretty frugal. I have bought very few things full price (unless its a luxury item that never goes on sale). I only shop sales. I check and before making any online purchases as well.  Soooo..back onto Buffalo Exchange… I wanted to prepare all of my clothes to attempt to sell. I called on Saturday to get an idea of what items they are taking at the moment. They told me trendy and vintage.

I gathered 2 huge laundry bags full of clean, gently worn clothing. I decided to not be too picky with what I put in just in case… you never know what they will take.

Sunday comes and I decide to get there EARLY! I wanted to get there earlier in the day because the wait can be long if there are tons of people in front of you with HUGE bags lol. I was greeted by a VERY friendly staff and the Southern Manager and a Buyer gave me all the deets on the process. They offer you 30% in cash of the total price of what they will sell the items for…or you can get 50% of the total as an in store credit. pretty good deal.


So here is the process: While you are standing there, they go through your clothing items and decide what to take and keep! They are pretty selective. They look at brand, age, the seams, everything! They want to make sure it will sell easily. They then offer you the price- you Yay or Nay and they add it to your account.

My Prince tour t-shirt they took!
My Prince tour t-shirt they took!
One of my items was already put on display before i left.
One of my items was already put on display before I left.

After all of my items, from designer jeans to vintage dresses, I could either go for around $92 in cash or a $150 store credit. The whole point of me getting rid of the clothes was to get rid of the clothing clutter I had so I didn’t want to replace it with additional clothing so I got the cash. So I went home with cash from just getting rid of unwanted items. Oh, and some of the items I sold, I received more than I paid for them 😉

I can’t wait to go again. This is actually a good way to get a brand new (to you) wardrobe for FREE. Take your old clothes and use the store credit and get all new clothes. If I would have taken the $150 credit, I could’ve probably take home about 15 nice items. I’m going to purge my clothes every 3 months or so… Check out Buffalo Exchange in your area. If you are in Atlanta , here is the address:

Buffalo Exchange

1057 Ponce de Leon Ave. NE
Atlanta, GA 30306
(404) 817-0921


Some of Lexi’s tips!

  • Go into your local store to get an idea of the items they like. After the process, I definitely have a better understanding of items they would take.
  • Bring in trendy items- any current trends, you have a good shot
  • Designer brands- if its designer and still in style AND in great condition, you have a shot at some $$
  • Mall brands like Gap, Banana Republic, J. Crew, Michael Kors, Forever 21, H&M…great brands to sell!
  • Anything unique or looks like it comes from a trendy boutique would be great
  • Basically, would you buy it again?!? If not, then they probably won’t buy it from you! lol
  • If you question something, bring it anyway! There were items I thought wouldn’t sell there that they bought..and there was some items I thought they would jump to buy and they didn’t! You just never know

They get new items everyday, so check back frequently!!

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