Weekend Style: ONE Music Fest + Nose Ring + Pole Fitness

Weekend Style: ONE Music Fest + Nose Ring + Pole Fitness

Okay…so just because I am posting a fashion post, doesn’t mean I am claiming I am fashionable lol. I am just trying to expand what I talk about. Now that I feel more comfortable with my body and clothes, I am so excited to try out new styles and play around with fashion.

This weekend I hit up the ONE Music Fest which had acts such as Goodie Mob & Snoop. 



My inspiration was…I guess mixing prints.  I was going for a festival look…but alot of festival go-ers seemed to think I was channeling Beyonce. I don’t mind channeling Beyonce of course lol. I LOVE african print clothing so I paired my top with star shorts (HERE)  I got from Forever 21.


photo 3

Washed my Limelight Extensions Cambodian Ocean Wave hair  and diffused it. I straightened my leave out and then used a curling wand to blend my hair in with the weave. So I have a tri-toned kinda thing going on.


Snoop was the highlight to me!


Oh! And I got a hoop for my nose. I wanted to try something different. I actually like it…ALOT

(Don’t mind the redness. I had just got it changed from my normal stud)


Sunday I wanted to go to the gym! I have been taking several several dance classes including a “twerking” class called “Jiggle It” at Pole La Teaz in ATL. I have so much fun at the classes there. I start my first Pole Dancing series in Level 1 this week so I needed to prepare. I need to get my upper arm strength together because right now…I don’t really know how strong I am. I think I actually did pretty well getting back into lifting weights and training. I was doing so much cardio, I forgot to work on toning. So, here is me doing my gym thing in preparation of pole classes!

And that concludes my weekend…