Weekend Hair- Nothing But Mixed With Beautiful Textures Twist Out

This was a fun weekend. I hosted two events- one Friday and one Saturday. Friday I did a wash and go but I didn’t get a chance to take the time to do what I wanted to do to my hair 🙁 but it’s all good. Friday late, late evening I decided to do a twist out before my trip to Savannah for “Shop The Aisle” at Wal-Mart.

I twisted my hair in about 10 twists using Nothing But Curl Sealer and the Nothing But Pure Pudding to provide moisture and hold. I also added some Beautiful Textures Shine & Silken Growth Oil. I basically mixed all three in my hands and then put it throughout my hair. I took sections and used a paddle brush to comb the products through and then proceeded with twisting. After they were all done, I put a flexirod on the ends putting about 2 twists on each roller.

I sat under the dryer for 40 minutes (I can’t stand sitting under the dryer!!!!) and it wasn’t done of course but I headed to bed anyway. I got a late start to washing/twisting- about 11pm.  In the morning, my hair still wasn’t dry which was expected so I hopped on the plane with my hair in twists still (so not cute! lol).

I walked out in the hot Savannah sun and then took the twists out. My hair wasn’t 100% dry, but enough to have definition. Here it goes:


I loved the definition and the shine. I wish I let it dry completely but I just ran out of time because I started washing my hair at almost midnight. I still love the results though.

Do you like to mix your products together?