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Weekend Hair- Draya From Basketball Wives Inspired Braid

Once I get toward the end of my hairstyle, I am always looking for something to do to my hair. Of course, I can always go to a ponytail BUT after watching Basketball Wives last week, I wanted to do the infamous “Draya Braid” that is her signature style. She does it with her hair out, half up, and in a low ponytail.

Since I had blown out my hair prior, it was easier for me to braid. I parted my hair diagonally and underhand braided down in a swoop.

It’s not as “clean” as it could’ve been, but it was my first time doing it.


And it was soooo easy to do too! I will do a quick tutorial soon for anyone that is interested.

What do you think about my “Draya Inspired” braid”?