Week 17- Nutrisystem Down 30 lbs + 16 Inches Lost

Week 17- Nutrisystem Down 30 lbs + 16 Inches Lost

I am almost at my desired weight range!! Only 1.8 lbs and I’ve made it. I want to go even further.  My goal was between 165-170. I am comfortable with being in that range but at this point, I just want to lose more inches in my waist. That is my last thing. I have already lost alot of inches so far. Here are the inches I have lost.

ARMS   1.6 inches

CHEST  3 inches

WAIST  3.7 inches

HIPS 4 inches

THIGHS 4 inches.

I realized that I will actually be on Nutrisystem for one more month so that helps me complete my goal. By my birthday, I want to wear a crop top!!! I already have the outfit together. I can wear a crop top now (kinda) but I want it to look great. I’m not looking for “abs of steel” but I just want it as flat as possible. So that is my next goal.

So my new goal is to get to 165 and make sure I am toning and drop some more inches around the waist. I’m sure I can do that in a month! I have exactly one month until my birthday!

Oh yeah, and I lost 4 lbs this week!!


Week 1 Starting weight: 202.8 lbs Ending weight: 199.7 lbs Lost 3 lbs

Week 2 Starting weight: 199.7 lbs Ending weight: 198. 2 lbs Lost 1.5 lbs

Week 3 Starting weight: 198.2 lbs Ending weight: 197.1 lbs Lost 1.1 lbs

Week 4 Starting weight: 197.1 Ending weight: 196.4 Lost .7 lbs

Week 5 Starting weight 196.4 Ending Weight 193.7 Lost 2.7 lbs

Week 6 Starting weight 193.7 Ending Weight 192.3 Lost 1.4 lbs

Week 7 Starting weight 192.3 Ending Weight 189.7 Lost 2.6lbs

Week 8 Starting weight 189.7 Ending Weight 190.3 Gained .6 lbs  🙁

Week 9 Starting weight: 190.3  Ending Weight 188.0  Lost 2.3 lbs

Week 10 Starting weight 188.0   Ending Weight 186.2   Lost 1.8 lbs

Week 11 Starting weight 186.2    Ending Weight 184.4    Lost 1.8 lbs

Week 12 Starting weight `184.4   Ending Weight 183.2   Lost 1.2 lbs

Week 13 Starting weight 183.2      Ending Weight 181.3    Lost 1,9 lbs

Week 14 Starting weight 181.3        Ending Weight 179.2   Lost  2.1 lbs

Week 15 Starting weight 179.2        Ending weight:  Unsure (no scale)

Week 16  Starting weight ??           Ending weight:  176.2

Week 17 Starting weight 176.2       Ending Weight: 172. 2     Lost 4 lbs

Total Weight Loss on NutriSystem: 30.6 lbs!


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Disclosure: Nutrisystem is providing me with a complimentary food and support over the next 4 months. There is no monetary compensation. All opinions are solely mine, are honest, and are based on my experiences.