Week 16: Nutrisystem – Down Almost 30lbs

Week 16: Nutrisystem – Down Almost 30lbs

Wow! I am so much closer to my goal. I actually forgot my original goal. After going back to my original post I said my goal was 165-170lbs. It’s funny how your goals eventually change once you start working out. I am so close to my range of 170. At 176 (Down from over 200lbs in January) I think I have done a great job. I tried to stay as consistent as possible. Once I realized it’s not a race, I was able to get the most out of my eating healthy (via Nutrisystem) , drinking water, and working out!

I am so happy with my progress ūüôā

Once I get to my range of 165-170 (which I haven’t been that size in like 4+ years) I definitely want to continue toning up.

For my last post wrapping up my NS, I will make sure to include all stats like how many inches total I have lost. I have lost several inches in my thighs!

Screen Shot 2013-05-13 at 11.37.44 AM


Ohh and my size has definitely been going down. For workout clothes, I have been down to a medium on the bottoms. And my jean size went down almost 2 sizes!!! Because I still have a large bust, I still need to wear a tad bigger top to accomodate, but even in tops I can go down a size! This is so awesome. Now I need to get some new summer clothes to fit my new body!!!!


Week 1 Starting weight: 202.8 lbs Ending weight: 199.7 lbs Lost 3 lbs

Week 2 Starting weight: 199.7 lbs Ending weight: 198. 2 lbs Lost 1.5 lbs

Week 3 Starting weight: 198.2 lbs Ending weight: 197.1 lbs Lost 1.1 lbs

Week 4 Starting weight: 197.1 Ending weight: 196.4 Lost .7 lbs

Week 5 Starting weight 196.4 Ending Weight 193.7 Lost 2.7 lbs

Week 6 Starting weight 193.7 Ending Weight 192.3 Lost 1.4 lbs

Week 7 Starting weight 192.3 Ending Weight 189.7 Lost 2.6lbs

Week 8 Starting weight 189.7 Ending Weight 190.3 Gained .6 lbs ¬†ūüôĀ

Week 9 Starting weight: 190.3  Ending Weight 188.0  Lost 2.3 lbs

Week 10 Starting weight 188.0   Ending Weight 186.2   Lost 1.8 lbs

Week 11 Starting weight 186.2    Ending Weight 184.4    Lost 1.8 lbs

Week 12 Starting weight `184.4   Ending Weight 183.2   Lost 1.2 lbs

Week 13 Starting weight 183.2      Ending Weight 181.3    Lost 1,9 lbs

Week 14 Starting weight 181.3        Ending Weight 179.2   Lost  2.1 lbs

Week 15 Starting weight 179.2        Ending weight:  Unsure (no scale)

Weeky 16  Starting weight ??           Ending weight:  176.2

Total Weight Loss on NutriSystem: 26.6 lbs!


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Disclosure: Nutrisystem is providing me with a complimentary food and support over the next 4 months. There is no monetary compensation. All opinions are solely mine, are honest, and are based on my experiences.