Week 11- Weight Loss!

Week 11- Weight Loss!


Another week, and more weight loss!!

I am back on my workout grind at least 3 days a week + eating right everyday (even the weekends).  I think I have mastered how to eat healthy when I can’t eat my NutriSystem food. I try my best to keep it consistent throughout the week making sure to eat breakfast, lunch, dinner, (a snack here and there) and sometimes a dessert if I am still hungry.

One thing I do, which I don’t know is good or bad- I step on the scale every morning and night to monitor my weight changes. I noticed that if I eat too much or don’t eat right that my weight goes back up. I fluctuate throughout the week. Actually, you fluctuate throughout the day too- different times of the day. It’s probably not best that I check so much—BUT it motivates me and pushes me to do better. If I noticed that I am gaining, I make sure I do that one hour workout that I was being lazy about and laid back down.

When I want to eat a little extra food, it motivates me to put that extra food back because I don’t need it! NS is helping me make better eating decisions. I totally see what they mean for when you are off of the program, you now have better habits.

I have one more month of Nutrisystem and I plan to make this month the best month. My weight loss has been pretty decent I think. Sometimes I look at other people on their weight loss journies and I see 5+ lbs a week but I have to remember it is not a race. I am down over 20lbs since I started my journey to weight loss and over 18lbs since being on NutriSystem.

I am only 9.4 from my goal of 175…or was my goal 170??? I don’t even remember. I am sooo happy about my weight loss. I just aim to be healthier, cut off the inches around my stomach, and to wear a bikini this summer!! It’s totally going to happen.


Week 1 Starting weight: 202.8 lbs Ending weight: 199.7 lbs Lost 3 lbs

Week 2 Starting weight: 199.7 lbs Ending weight: 198. 2 lbs Lost 1.5 lbs

Week 3 Starting weight: 198.2 lbs Ending weight: 197.1 lbs Lost 1.1 lbs

Week 4 Starting weight: 197.1 Ending weight: 196.4 Lost .7 lbs

Week 5 Starting weight 196.4 Ending Weight 193.7 Lost 2.7 lbs

Week 6 Starting weight 193.7 Ending Weight 192.3 Lost 1.4 lbs

Week 7 Starting weight 192.3 Ending Weight 189.7 Lost 2.6lbs

Week 8 Starting weight 189.7 Ending Weight 190.3 Gained .6 lbs  🙁

Week 9 Starting weight: 190.3  Ending Weight 188.0  Lost 2.3 lbs

Week 10 Starting weight 188.0   Ending Weight 186.2   Lost 1.8 lbs

Week 11 Starting weight 186.2    Ending Weight 184.4    Lost 1.8 lbs

Total Weight Loss on NutriSystem 18.3 lbs off


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Disclosure: Nutrisystem is providing me with a complimentary food and support over the next 4 months. There is no monetary compensation. All opinions are solely mine, are honest, and are based on my experiences.