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Week 1 – First Wash From Beautiful Textures’ Texture Manageability System

Week 1 – First Wash From Beautiful Textures’ Texture Manageability System

It’s been a full week since I had the new Beautiful Textures Texture Manageability System put in my hair and then straightened. I wanted to make sure I keep everyone posted so you all can get the deets on what it does to your hair.

I got a weave Wednesday night to prepare for my trip to Trinidad and my stylist Shawnda Dee washed my hair with a sulfate free shampoo (We did not use the Beautiful Textures shampoo that comes in the box). We were both anxious to see if my hair would curl back up 🙂

After washing, she definitely noticed the looser and more defined texture. I put my fingers through it and could definitely feel the difference. Overall, my hair was still curly but just  looser. Where my hair is lighter in the front, the pattern was more wavy versus curly and a small amount of hair was a little straight, not much,. I can definitely scrunch it up.

Since my hair is different textures throughout and some areas of my hair have been bleached, there definitely is a difference in the different textures after the treatment which I was totally aware would happen. Check out the pics.

photo 2 photo 3 photo 4

photo 1

What I like about it:

  • As soon as I got up from the shampoo bowl, detangling was a BREEZE. This was reason #1 why I wanted to try this system out. My hair tangles so badly due to my hair being super coily and wrapping around the other hairs which causes tangling. Detangling happened in a second.
  • Elongated curls! Wow! This gives me waayyy more inches of hang time.
  • She blew out my hair to prep it to cornrow for the sew in and my hair blew dry in an instant. Not to mention my hair was visibly softer and to the touch it was much softer. To be honest, I wouldn’t have even had to flat iron my hair really. It blew out pretty nicely in a short time.

What I hope happens?

Even though I like the way my hair feels and it being easier to detangle, I do want my kinky hair to go back. I am especially nervous about the wavier parts and some straight areas. I just hope it fully reverts.

Since I have a sew in, I would imagine that this treatment will last longer than 6 weeks since I will not be washing it directly (but will be washing my extensions and the braids). The weave will probably only be in 3 or 4 weeks so will keep you posted. Ohhh and since I do have leave out, I can show you how that does in the meantime.

I will keep you posted!!