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Weave update

OMG I am so ready to take this weave out. It has been semi-easy to maintain but everytime I see someone with a big curly fro, it makes me wish I had my natural hair out 🙁  I’m glad it is getting a break though. I have been scratching too which isn’t good—I’m not one of those girls that “Pat’s your weave” when it itches…I scratch!!! I’m sure I have a bunch of scabs now. I like to use Sea Breeze on my scalp. I put it in a bottle with a nozzle and stick it in through the cornrows and it definitely does relieve my itching and gives a cool feeling. Well, thats enough about my weave rant. I think I will take it out Sunday and then do a good deep conditioner under the steamer and show my hair. It has been in for approximately a month and a half. This is good for me- I usually only last 3 weeks.