Wash & Go Series- Hair Rules

CC16_lI am going to start a Wash & Go series since it is super hot. I tend to wash (rinse) my hair daily in the summertime. I wanted to start off with Hair Rules (no reason in particular…I just grabbed lol) I started off with the Cleansing Cream. This shampoo is sulfate free. You put in on your scalp and all the way down your hair shaft. My hair felt very clean. It’s really hard for me to use regular shampoo these days…they make my hair feel like straw temporarily and then when I put the conditioner on it feels better. Sulfate free is really the way to go with me.

KCC16_lNext , while I was still in the shower and hair sopping wet, I put on a big handful of the Kinky Curling Cream. Anthony Dickey, the owner of Hair Rules, suggest to use alot of this product. I didn’t want to use too much but  I think I used just the right amount. I made sure the product got on all of my hair and then I scrunched. When I got out the shower, I bent my head over and scrunched even more to make sure my curls were in place. I let my hair air dry by driving with the windows down.

(First let me say “Uggghhh, THESE ROOTS!!!)






I love the definition and my hair doesn’t feel crunchy. Great job Hair Rules.

UP NEXT: Uncle Funky’s Daughter, Beauty by Donna Marie, Darcy’s Botanicals