Wash & Go! Curl By @Kenra_Haircare Review

Wash & Go! Curl By @Kenra_Haircare Review

I love trying out new products. As I have mentioned before, doing everything with short hair, it’s like learning my hair and what products work all over again. I think I am more particular now with shorter hair. Before I could through my hair in a bun, do a fancy updo, but with short hair—it just has to be right…no camouflaging a bad hair day.


Kenra sent over their new Curl line for me to try out. They have products for Waves & Spirals or Ringlets & Coils. Naturally,

Let’s start with the Curl CoWash. I absolutely loved this co-wash. It has very low lather, but has conditioning properties. I used this all last week to get a feel for it. The smell was veryyyyy nice to me. I noticed it before I even put it in my hair. From there, i didn’t need much to cleanse my hair & scalp. This is definitely one of the better co-washes I have used. I actually prefer a little bit of lather that’s smooth.

I decided to use the Curl Control Gel & the Curl Refresher. I used a little bit of the gel first and then used a paddle brush to comb the product through to clump the curls. I then sprayed a little of the Curl Refresher.  The gel wasn’t super thick and it wasn’t loose. I didn’t use alot and I shook my hair to make it big.


This is at the end of the night. The curls were still defined and frizz free.img_1634

I always wait all day to make sure my hair still looks good at the end of the night 🙂


Check out the new collection below