Wash And Go- 1 Samy Big Curls


I am also going to do a series of Wash N Go’s just like I am  doing flat twist outs. 1st twist out was MJ’s Curly Meringue  and 2nd was Shea Moisture Conditioning Curl and Style Milk.  Im the summer I tend to do more wash n go’s…So my first product I used was Samy Big Curls and the Samy Silk.

I used both products. I used Silk as an anti-frizz smoothing serum and the Big Curls to add volume, texture, and shine. I actually found out about this product from Latina.com (Latina Magazine) and figured I might try it since it is inexpensive (under $5).  I washed my scalp with Wen, then Co-washed with Aussie Moist Conditioner.

I gently squeezed the excess water out of my hair and put the Big Curls on first and raked it all the way through. I then put on the Silk on top. Next, I took my hair into two sections and used a paddle brush to clump the curls. I put my hair into two buns…half and half coiling it and putting a clip on it. Then I ride with the windows down to my destination and take it out. My curls are usually more defined. Here is my hair at the beginning of the day…

And at the end of the day



curly comments!

  • It looks nice…. How long did it last for?

  • desiree

    So odd I bought some of the big curls just yesterday and am doing a braidout with it today. I hope it works.

  • Tressabelle

    It looks good. Did you like it? Would you use it again? How did your hair feel…was is hard and crunchy or soft? How long did it last? Sorry for the 10,000 questions just realy curious because the price for the products are great:)