Wash 6- Beautiful Textures #TMS The Bounce Back

Wash 6- Beautiful Textures #TMS The Bounce Back

Slowly but surely my kinky curls are coming back. I can totally see the progression in each wash while my hair still has the Texture Manageability System. See my previous posts here, here, & here.

My hair started out looser curls in some areas, wavy in some and a few pieces in the front were straight (where the lighter color is). Here is after the 6th wash from using sulfate-free shampoos or co-wash shampoos:


As you can see from my previous posts, my pieces that were straight at the beginning now have curls and waves. So I definitely see the progression so I am happy.


I am pleased with the results and the reversion so far. It is easier to comb and has given me a GREAT break from the tiring detangled process that I am used to. Will keep you posted as I reach full reversion from TMS.