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Wand Curls On My Texture Crush Coil Crush Wig!

Wand Curls On My Texture Crush Coil Crush Wig!


I am trying to play more with wigs and since this is a human hair wig that I can curl and dye, I decided to try wand curls on this hair. I LOVVVEEE wand curls. They are so easy and look great when you are done.

I am wearing my Texture Crush Coil Crush Wig!! I brushed the curls out first and then used my Conair Curling Wand from Target…It was only about $24 and it’s amazing!


Tips For Doing Wand Curls:

  1. Brush out your hair first. It looks smoother if you brush out the hair so it’s big and fro like and then do the wand curls.
  2. Use a glove if you aren’t used to the heat of the iron. When I wear gel nails, they definitely burn because I don’t use gloves. I just wrap the hair around as much as I can without touching it.
  3. Check out the heat you are using. Don’t do it too hot! Treat it as you would treat your own hair. You shouldn’t have to leave it on for more than 5 seconds
  4. Take different sized sections so it’s not too uniformed (unless you want that look)
  5. If you have alot of hair, whether its a weave or your hair, You don’t have to do EVERY section. Cheat it! Do the perimeter and the outer section. All the hair in the center no one will see anyway lol. If you go to a salon they will do it everywhere, but if you are at home and on a time constraint skip that middle section that no one will even see. For the bottom, I do only the bottom half that is visible. Bottom line: if it isn’t going to visible, don’t feel forced to wand it!

It was easy breezy and gave amazing curls!!!

DSC08142 DSC08130 DSC08121

I am loving how this hair curled!  Video coming soon 🙂

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