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Wand Curls On My ONYC Fro Out!

Wand Curls On My ONYC Fro Out!

I am loving my ONYC Fro Out extensions! I have been playing with the hair and of course wand curls are my favorite ( I am obsessed with wand curls). I decided to play around with a different sized wand and did a medium barrel.

I started with my hair just blown out and not straightened. The beauty of this hair is that it looks just like natural hair blown out! This is helping me because I don’t have to straighten my hair for it to match.

Funny, random story: My homeboy came by the office and insisted that my hair had grown about 5 inches and he asked if I had been taking vitamins. Everyone in the office played along and said I was taking some magical hair growth pills lol. He finally decided to feel for tracks and he had no idea I was wearing extensions lol.

onyc fro out hair mongolian kinky curly wand curls To me, the sheen of the hair is perfect and very natural looking. This is my first time getting a kinkier texture of extensions and this is a great one for me to start with 🙂

This hair doesn’t tangle and I just brush it daily. I honestly thought kinkier hair would be more difficult to manage, but it actually isn’t difficult at all. It could be because I have hair just like this so that could be why it’s easy to manage for me. If you have natural hair, chances are this hair should be easy for you to maintain and keep up.

onyc fro out hair mongolian kinky curly wand curls onyc fro out hair mongolian kinky curly wand curls

I didn’t actually straighten my hair at all…even at the roots. This hair will save me from potential heat damage. I won’t have to pull out the flat iron every other day  🙂

Here is my leave out from the top:

onyc hair fro out

So excited to try more hairstyles with this hair. Look out for my video on Youtube coming up soon!

In the meantime, check out more images and details about Fro-Out hair on