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Wand Curls On An Old Wash & Go

Wand Curls On An Old Wash & Go

This weekend, I had a pretty busy schedule. I was at Bronner Bros all weekend covering the hair show and participated in a natural hair panel for FORD. (Post on that soon)

Sometimes in the morning or for big events, I just don’t have time to wash my hair and we all know that sometimes “wash & gos” are a “no-go”. Soooo I pulled out 2 different sized curling wands and got to work.

This look takes me about 30 minutes with the back being the hardest. I don’t do every single inch of hair but I do the perimeter AND all of the top. The back is the hardest part because you want to make sure you got enough of the hair to cover up your wash & go texture.

photo 2



photo 1I put on a bonnet last night and my curls still look great!

Check out some curling wands: