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Visiting The Elephant Orphanage In Nairobi

Visiting The Elephant Orphanage In Nairobi


Last Friday I had an amazing time visiting the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust in Nairobi. Once a day from 11am-12pm, they let visitors come and page a $5 fee to come see the elephants eat, play, take mud baths, and even get a chance to touch them.



We arrived to the park and over 100 people were there to see these amazing animals. Sadly they each have a story of why they are there. You have stories from their mom’s getting killed by other animals to the unfortunate deaths of their mothers from poaching. Elephants are nearing endangerment from people wanting their tusks and killing them off. Let’s not forget that alot of circuses that still have them are very mean to them and poke them.


This orphanage saves these elephants from the wild and their different conditions (One elephant had his tail and some of his genitals bitten off by a hyena :/ ) , nurse them back to health and release them when its time. It could take years to be that “time”.

I was so intrigued by them and they were having so much fun rolling around in the mud, slinging dirt on each other and watching them slide was fun. There were a couple of schools there and of course the children LOVED it!


Check out some shots and make sure you visit the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Elephant Orphanage when you travel to Nairobi, Kenya.