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Video Of The Week- The Secret To Long Hair

Video Of The Week- The Secret To Long Hair

Earlier today I got a text from NaturallyKela sending me a video that she said I had to check out. I haven’t been to Youtube in ages, especially to check out hair videos but this video totally caught my eye!! What a cute video!! Chescalocs got together some Youtubers including one of my favorites Taren916  and did a video that shares the secret to long hair….this thing called Patience.

Check it out:

How cute is this video?? I love it. Totally the story of my (blog) life. I get this question almost daily online and in person. “How did you get your hair to grow?” There is absolutely no secret to growing your hair. Patience really is the answer. The more you try to buy up every product and do all of these things you see in the hair forums, you are probably stunting your hair growth by doing too much to it!

Moisturize your hair, detangle it, condition it, cleanse it, eat healthy, drink water,  exercise, and stay stress free. Those mixed with patience will help your hair grow. Remember, everyone’s hair doesn’t grow at the same rate so don’t worry about the girl next to you whose hair was the same length as yours last year and now she “beat” you.

What did you think about the video?