Vacay Hair- With Virgin Curly Extensions

Vacay Hair- With Virgin Curly Extensions

This holiday, I am going on a vacation and I need hair that can withstand swimming in a pool and the beach! I kinda want a full weave (versus having some leave-out) but have never had a full before. For 1, I am nervous it will look like a wig and 2, I don’t want my edges falling out a la Naomi Campbell. My edges are very sensitive, like most women, and I always cringe when my edges are being cornrowed. Sooo with that said, here are some vacay styles that I am looking towards.

Btw, I will be getting my Indique Bikini mixed with Indique Pure Curly installed. I am unsure of whether I want it dyed to match my hair or if I feel like the hassle of temporarily dying my leave out (which is so much work depending on how much I wash my hair or get it wet)…. actually as I’m typing this and thinking about the hassle…I’d much rather have at least a couple layers of the hair dyed to match my leave out and keep it dark on the bottom which is how my hair is right now anyway. So when trying to pick out a vacation friendly hairstyle, I would prefer most of the time to wear the virgin hair in it’s natural state. It’s much easier than getting out the curling rods or blow dryer while I am on vacation.

Below I have 4 options: one with bangs, one with no part, a middle part and a side part!

I kinda want bangs..but I don’t know how it will look with wavy/curly hair… Ay yi yi!!

Or I could have it dyed  and have it layered framing the face and it would probably naturally look similar to this style on Beyonce:

I don’t know :sigh: So many options!!! I can’t wait to get it done though. I talked to my stylist ShawndaDee about closure options too. So not sure if I will go for a full or a partial. I know my hair naturally will not match this hair because the curls are much, much looser. I would definitely have to manipulate the curls by blowing it out and twisting it in to the hair most likely. We’ll see.

Have you ever done a full or weave with a closure? How do you like it?