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Updated African Pride Olive Miracle Braid Sheen Spray- Review

Back in the day, I had my staple braid products. Every summer while going to Kiddie Kollege/Kiddie Kamp at Hampton University, I would get my box braids in. We were in the sweltering heat and swimming 2 times a day and my mother was NOT trying to do my hair everyday. So about every 5 weeks, I would get my braids redone.

So this leads me to my go-to product as a child- The African Pride Braid Sheen Spray. I haven’t used that product in forever…until…last month when I got my box braids in!!!

So the product is back in my life but with a few changes. No longer in the white bottle with the red, green and black…now it’s infused with Extra Virgin Olive Oil. It continues to stop breakage and dryness for your real hair. I also loooovvee putting this on my scalp. My scalp has not itched or anything since I have had them in (it’s so odd to me that I have no discomfort or itching).

It still smells fabulous! I remembered that growing up. It smelled like watermelon growing up and now, not sure exactly what it smells like, but it smells good!! lol

It keeps my hair moisturized though, makes them shiny and makes my hair smell good at the same time!

Have you used braid sheen spray recently?

They sell this at Sally Beauty Supply