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Update: Hair by Ninether Salon

I’ve had my hair in this protective style for 2 weeks now and its still going. I will probably take it out this upcoming weekend only because I like to wash my hair. I’m used to rinsing my hair at least every 3 or 4 days. I think 3 weeks is good. I know I could rinse my hair now with the braids, twists, but I know that may change the look so I will just wait til this weekend.

So I have definitely been experimenting and trying different styles with the front. (forgive the horrible camera pics- I don’t keep my camera on me all the time) Check out what I have done so far with this one protective style:


Letting it just hang on the side


One big flat twist across the top



Trusty Bun!!

And that its so far…There are so many things I could do. Probably mid week I will take the twists out and rock it curly and big on the side. Im going on the 3rd week this week!!! This is great. I haven’t had to mess with my hair for the past two weeks. This is GREAT!