Upcoming Videos

I’ve been slacking on the videos. Sorry! Here are some videos coming up:

Review on Kinky Curly- Come Clean & Knot Today (in one video),  and Kinky Curly Curling Custard-probably a tutorial based on the owners video and a  review. I have been asked about doing a review on KCCC forever!! So I am finally happy to be able to try it out.

Review on the DevaFuser . I am super excited about this also. I brought it awhile ago so I am ready to use it.

A contest (I have a contest on my YouTube going on right now sponsored by Curls). I am going to sponsor another contest hopefully in January. I already know what I want the theme to be 😉  I am trying to get all the prizes now. I want there to be more than one winner. It is costly trying to buy products for prizes but I am making it work. Clairol has been nice enough to send me some some Jazzing’s temporary hair color in several shades to use for giveaways so that will be in there.

A review on Jazzing temporary hair color. I am probably going to use Spiced Cognac on top of my blonde highlights so a different look temporarily.

hmmm, I think that is it for now until I think of something else to do. If anyone has any suggestions or requests, please put them in the comment section below, email, or hit me up on YouTube.

Thank you all so much for being supportive of my blog and YouTube videos. I have been doing videos for a year and have love everything about it. Getting new subscribers everyday keeps me motivated to continue to do the videos. I really do appreciate everyone for taking time out of their day to check out my blog or videos. Thanks a bunch!!