Tyra Show with Chris Rock- “Good Hair”- My Commentary

This is my commentary as I am watching The Tyra Banks show…

I am interested to see Good Hair, however, I don’t take it too seriously. I see it more as comedy than to truly educate.

I like how they showed a woman with weave whose husband has NEVER seen her real! How can someone honestly know a person if they have never seen their real hair.  The woman got a makeover and actually cried because she didn’t know how her husband would take it. That’s pretty sad that she was that insecure she couldn’t even show her husband. Why does weave make someone feel prettier?

I dont feel prettier with this weave. I like it, but it doesn’t boost my confidence one bit…in fact I’m kind of self conscious (with weave) about people seeing tracks etc… lol.

Sidenote: I like Tyra’s hair. She says it is her real hair but it  doesn’t look like it because her hair didn’t look that long when it was straight at the beginning of the season AND I thought she had a relaxer!??!! Confused. Still looks good though.

I like how she added white women into the show who were afraid to bare their weave. The funny thing is “Good Hair” the documentary isn’t about embracing your natural hair or taking the weave out , but its a good component to the Tyra Show to show that white women have hair “issues” too.

Lol Tyra said “How do you know about Lacefronts? I used to wear lacefronts!” to Chris Rock. USED TO!!!??? Do you mean used to until an hour ago when they took it off and washed her hair?

Wow! I like how she had a chemist come in to show the power of a relaxer. I’m not against relaxers on anyone else…but I tell you one thing….when he showed an aluminum can disintegrate in Sodium Hydroxide (I think) from a Relaxer, that would make me never get a perm again.

Yes! I love Raven. Her hair looks sooo good. She talks about her weave and hair disasters. When she showed her natural hair, Perez Hilton called her a poodle. That is a problem because when people show their natural texture they get joked and therefore go back to the straight hair or weave. I love Raven’s honesty. Aww I miss “Thats So Raven”. She naturally has such a good, funny spirit to her.

If you are in Atlanta and see this in time, about 30 ladies are getting together to see Good Hair tomorrow Oct 9th at Atlantic Station for the 8pm showing.  Im headed to Miami so I won’t see it until later. Enjoy.

(Search FB group: Gorgeous Atlanta Naturals)