Tyra Show Guest has “White Girl Flow”

I’m sure alot of you saw The Tyra Show on Good Hair. I missed it 🙁 So I’ve heard alot of talk about a lady from Atlanta, where I live, who said she has that “white girl flow”. When I heard about this, I was appaled. On the way to work, my friend was telling me that she has heard alot of hair dressers say that, and I was like WTF! I can’t imagine a hair dresser saying she can get your hair to have that “white girl flow”. Since when do we associate straight hair with white womens hair. First, let me state- I am not agaisnt relaxers, I just don’t like them. But…I am agaisnt people who get relaxers to have “white girl hair”…if thats their reason that is just sad! This goes back to the Willie Lynch Letters. We have to get out of this mindset. Last time I checked, white people aren’t the only people with naturally straight hair- and half of the time its not natural.