Two Strand Twists

So tonight I decided to do two strand twists. I washed and detangled thoroughly- that took some time.  It took 3  hours. I have such a lazy issue with my hair. I start them in the back all small…and by the time I get to the top, I rush through and they are bigger. Also, my twists are always fatter at the top and then super small at the bottom…I realize thats the reason alot of people buy hair to add into their twists. Maybe I should have used gel throughout so they wouldn’t swell up so much towards the top. Let’s see how long I can keep them in. Here they go




What do you do to keep your twists from swelling up so much towards the root?


curly comments!

  • Dawn

    I use hair clips, like people with locs use when retwisting. After I finish the twist, I twist it tightly and then clip it in place at the roots. And when it dries I take the clips out. I do this almost every time I twist my hair, unless I do really small twist because they seem to hold rather well by themselves.

  • gigi s

    i cheat and braid half an inch then twist. no swelling since

  • twist/roll each piece from the root for about 1/4 inch and then start twisting

  • CocoEuro

    If your start twisting from the back, the top is probably almost or completely dry once you reach the top and front. You can rewet with a spray bottle, or wear a plastic cap on sections that you are not working on!

  • LexiWithTheCurls

    Thank you so much ladies. I appreciate all of the tips that I can implement

  • HomeMakerMama

    I wrap my twists every night, and tie my hair up with a satin scarp all as if I had a roller set. They don’t shrink or frizz and it lasts for about 3 weeks, instead of an average two.

  • Your twists came out very cute. I usually dont worry about the puffyness at the root too unless it really starts to look raggedy. Then I will take the offending twist(s) down, wet,moisturize and then retwist. But for the most part I do like HomeMakerMama said and tie my twist up at night with a satin scarf and don my satin bonnet over that to protect the ends (if im not sleeping with a satin pillow case)and it does help extend the life of my twists.HTH

  • Oh and don’t worry you aren’t the only one…LOL the top portion of my twists/braids are always thicker and gradually get skinny as they go down too. I don’t mind it, so I don’t bother with adding hair to even them out . To me it gives the style more personality and uniqueness ;^)

  • Ashlee G

    i can never get my twists to look this nice, because the ends of my hair is so damaged the ends look like crap, i’ll be so glad when my whole head is healthy from root to tip then i can do those perfect twists that i admire so much!

  • Aeryun

    Ashlee! that is the SAME problem i am having and no one seems to be addressing it! Same with braid outs and almost any style. Also because my ends are so damaged and straight they dont hold the twists without unraveling and yes the ends always come out straight. HELP!?

  • Cute.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate

  • As Ashlee said, you aren’t the only one who gets tired halfway through! It takes a load of willpower for me to not make my twists fatter and fatter as I go along.

  • I usually wear “wet & go” styles because, I too, am lazy! When I do twist, here’s what I do: After I cross the first two pieces of the twist, I pull them (as you would do when you’re tying your shoelaces) so that it is as close to my scalp as possible. I don’t use too much tension but I do pull firmly so that the twist is as close to the scalp as possible. I keep this tension until I’m midway through the twist.

    The hair closest to the scalp is strongest because it’s new, healthy and hasn’t been subjected to environmental elements (indoor A/C, heating, UV rays, etc) so you need not worry about harming it by using a firm hand to get the twist close to your scalp.

    To preserve your twist-out set and prevent tangling while you sleep, gather your hair up in a satin covered scrunchee: You can use 1,2, 3 or 4, depending on how long your hair is. I believe a satin pillowcase is an absolute MUST, no matter what your hair style is.

    I did a 2 strand twist tutorial where I demo how to do the twist & how to secure it for sleep. If you’d like, I can send you the link.

  • Muna

    I am getting my 1st twt and I plan on keeping them in for 6 wks. Glad I read about retwisting the loose ones. I’ll probably weave some hair in just for fullness on top (not length)