Twist Out With ILY Beauty Co

Twist Out With ILY Beauty Co

Every week, my goal is try a new product to see how it works on my hair. Typically I will do a twist out.

This week, I tried out ILY Beauty Co which is loooonnngg overdo. I went to a beauty brunch they hosted a couple of months ago and it has been on my to-do list to try out their products.

I used the ILY Adore Leave In Conditioner  after I washed my hair.

Looking to detangle and strengthen hair? Our highly moisturizing, lightweight, leave-in conditioner uses geranium rose, camellia seed oil and bamboo extract to help prevent and repair split ends, and revitalize and rejuvenate brittle and fragile hair, restoring it back to its glory days and giving it the shine it deserves.

Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 12.20.41 PM

After that, I used the Lush Styling Buttercreme prior to doing my twists. I combed the product through with a paddle brush.

Get those curls under control with our rich styling buttercream which helps lock them in place with a soft to medium hold. Aloe vera, cupuacu butter and coconut oil help hair to not only retain moisture and strengthen, but they deliver shine and luxurious definition without heaviness or greasiness



Screen Shot 2013-04-01 at 12.25.36 PM

I kept the twists in for 3 days (Yes, I was looking like Miss Celie all week lol).  I used coconut oil to carefully take out the twists. I loved the defined results!


 (Sidenote, I can totally see my weight loss all over my face!!)


Side shotsDSC_0662 DSC_0661

I had great results with ILY. My hair was defined, it was shiny, and it lasted all weekend! Have you checked out ILY Beauty Co?