Twist Out- Review Shea Butter Miracle- Bouncy Curls Pudding

I recently received the new line from African Pride- Shea Butter Miracle to try out. Sunday’s are typically my twist out days so I decided to try out these new products.

So the Bouncy Curls Pudding was it!

I washed and conditioned my hair. I then used the Bouncy Curls Pudding after the Silky Hair Lotion and then started twisting my hair. Since my hair has slightly changed textures in the front (due to dying), I flat twisted in the front and used a flexi rod on the end.

And here are my twists taken out after letting them dry a full day:

My hair is soft and shiny! I’m loving the results. My hair isn’t crunchy or anything! But what I love the most is the shine! I didn’t have to put any type of shine product on my hair afterwards like I have to do with some other products. It’s what I need/love for twist outs- moisture and shine.

Have you tried out the new Shea Butter Miracle line?




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