TV Show: Cosby Show- Tempest Bledsoe

I wanted to feature the Cosby Show naturals but I’m going to break it down. First I wanted to do Tempest Bledsoe aka Vanessa. Her hairstyles changed over time throughout the course of the show and even today she rocks various natural styles. Check out her looks.

Heres the whole clan!

Here is Vanessa in her early years. Probably sporting a natural roller set.

Her middle school look: I liked it when she had this cute girly flips with it pinned on each side. I used to try this style when I was younger.

Later on she opted for braids. Her middle school or maybe high school look (below) Alot of times, to me, it looked like her natural hair was braided versus hair added in. Usually with braids with hair added in, it looks fuller. Not sure though.

Then she did an afro kind of thing with different cuts. This is later high school.

She also wore extensions from time to time.

She always rocked her natural styles on the show. Loved it!

Here is her style post-Vanessa Huxtable

This one below looks like a twist out. Looks good!


curly comments!

  • Takeysha

    My FAV show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…LOVE Rudy and Vanessa’s hair because they both had beautiful thick hair…I liked Denise and Sondra’s too but Rudy and Vanesssa’s match my texture more than theirs…the last pic from the show with the extenstions looks good..i totally remember that episode when she got drunk lol…

  • Awwwww, I miss this show so much, reminds me of my childhood. By the way, that “afro cut” is really weird

  • MAYgem

    Love the Cosby Show. I remember my mom allowing me to stay up and watch every Thursday night. I read somewhere recently that Centric is bring back re-runs, so you guys tune in.

  • Remember her talk show? lol…At that time nobody could compete with Ricki Lake

  • Thanks for sharing these. Nice.